Camp MK at Leighton Buzzard Booking Form

Children aged 5-14 from all the schools below will pay just
£10 per day, thanks to generous 50% funding by Bedfordshire
Community 2. With limited places each day, please book early!

Brooklands Middle School
Clipstone Brook Lower School
Hockliffe Lower School
Leedon Lower School
Oak Bank Special School
Fulbrook Middle School
Aspley Guise Lower School
Husborne Crawley Lower School
Ridgmont Lower School

Swallowfield Lower School
Woburn Lower School
Gilbert Inglefield Middle School
Beaudesert Lower School
Dovery Down Lower School
Heathwood Lower School
St Georges Lower School
St Leonards Lower School
Leighton Middle School
Mary Bassett Lower School
Pulford Lower School
Stanbridge Lower School
Cedars Upper School
Linslade Middle School
Greenleas Lower School
Linslade Lower School
Southcott Lower School
Vandyke Upper School
OFSTED requires all Children using Childcare facilities
to be fully registered.
If you are not registered with Kids Play please to register.

1st Childs Name:

2nd Childs Name:
3rd Childs Name:
Your Venue:
Week required:
How many full days:

Please confirm the days required for the amount of full and half days you selected above:

Week - 17th - 21st August
All Day
Monday 17th August
Tuesday 18th August
Wednesday 19th August
Thursday 20th August
Friday 21st August